Chimpanzee Habitat on site at Twycross Zoo

Chimpanzee Habitat on site at Twycross Zoo

We are now on site with our concept design for the new Chimpanzee Habitat at Twycross Zoo, and this is due for completion in November 2017.

We are working with the client to further develop the theming package for the interior visitor corridor, and whilst to many this may be seen as just an animal enclosure, the development of the internal layout has been carefully considered in collaboration with keepers and primate researchers at Twycross, Edinburgh and Leipzig zoos.



We have been working with the Locomotor Ecology and Biomechanics Lab (LEBl) School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham to provide a facility that not only provides exemplary accommodation for the chimpanzees from a husbandry sense but also encourages natural behaviour that is of great benefit to those visiting researchers who are studying our closest relative.

Chimps are considered to be the most dangerous animal at the zoo, they are much stronger than humans, can jump further, run faster and have bigger teeth!  They are also a lot more intelligent than the big cat species and they have been known to hold grudges.....  in short, they are quite scary.