Congratulations to Phoebe for her Merit - RIBA Part II

12th July 2021

We would like to congratulate Phoebe Lydon who has recently qualified with a Merit in her Masters in Architecture, RIBA Part II from Birmingham City University. Phoebe joined us in 2015 for one week’s work experience and it is with absolute pleasure we can say she is with us 6 years later. Her contribution to the team spirit is epitomised by the Wolf run – always up for a challenge and taking on each task and project with care and enthusiasm.

Her thesis project was ignited in response to Boris Johnson’s slogan ‘build back better’, understanding the role of sustainable regeneration without obliterating high streets and the environment.

A key driver of her project was to design a sustainable building; The Seedbank, which will be at the heart of rejuvenating the high street, by involving and reconnecting the local community to their high street in the Old Market area of Bristol, whilst creating a sense of belonging and pride for their local area.  

 The Seedbank’s aim is to facilitate a successful, vibrant high street where people want to live, work and shop whilst saving our planet through the use of the circular economy.

 We are very proud of the fantastic work Phoebe has produced, especially since it has been undertaken in a difficult year during the pandemic period. Throughout this time she has utilised her talent and ingenuity to produce high-quality designs to warrant the accolade of the well-deserved merit.